Algonquin Provincial Park- (December 21-22)

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of Ontario’s greatest gems just 3 hours north of Toronto. It is in the area between the northern boreal forest and the southern deciduous hardwood forests. The diversity of plants and wildlife here attracts nature lovers from across the province all year round. My partner and I ventured up for … Read more

Camera Settings for Wildlife Photography: Part 1

Oftentimes, beginner photographers take a look at their brand new camera and get very overwhelmed by the number of camera settings, buttons, modes, blah…blah…blah. I was once in that very position and even contemplated quitting at one point. After countless google searches, articles read, videos watched, and time in the field, I started to realize … Read more

How To Photograph Owls Ethically

Owls. One of the most sought-after subjects for Wildlife Photographers across the world. Their large front-facing eyes, sharp talons, and elusive behaviour make them so intriguing to both find, and photograph. No matter how many times you find an Owl, that feeling of excitement never goes away. They are truly remarkable animals. Due to their … Read more

Camera Gear Recommendations

Finding the right camera gear can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to Wildlife Photography. This is a very specific type of photography, that presents many unique challenges and situations. In this post we will be recommending some gear for all levels of experience. From camera bodies, lenses, and complimentary equipment – we … Read more