Northwest British Columbia – (March 14th – 18th, 2022)

I recently returned from a quick trip to the beautiful Great Bear Rainforest, in Northwest British Columbia. Although wildlife viewing, birding, and hiking were not my main objectives…when you are in this remote part of the world, you have to put aside some time for adventures. Staying in the hub of the Northwest – Terrace, B.C., provides you with many options. You could go west to Prince Rupert and drive one of Canadas most scenic highways, go east towards the Hazleton’s and Seven Sisters Peaks, south to the Douglas Channel and the small town of Kitimat, or drive north into the Nass Valley – home of the incredibly friendly and welcoming Nisga’a First Nation, like we chose to do.

Nisga’a First Nation

Northwest British Columbia – The Nass Valley

Bald Eagle fishing along the Nass River

Like I previously mentioned, our trip started in Terrace. Our first stop, was about 30 minutes outside of town at a waterfall known as Wesach Falls. A beautiful and short hike into this breathtaking waterfall. Even during the tail end of winter, this stop did not disappoint. We were so impressed with the stunning colours this hike had to offer. This trail is accessible for most, and I would rate the difficulty at – easy. There are some ropes that have been tied to trees in some more steep and potentially slippery spots along the trail! They sure help. A must do if you are in the area! Check out this helpful link for more information on this trail and waterfall.

Wesach Falls, B.C.

Next, we continued north along the Nisga’a Highway stopping along some very scenic locations. The Nisga’a First Nation – People of the Nass River, have created a guide called the Nisga’a Nation Auto Tour. Well placed signs along the highway that highlight some of the incredible landscapes and points of interest. Click here for a PDF version of the Nisga’a Nation Auto Tour.

Some of our favourite stops were Vedder Falls, the Hot Springs, and the beautiful drive towards Gingolx (Kincolith) right along the Nass River. This is the time of year when small fish called Eulacheon (type of smelt) are running up the river systems to spawn. With the Eulacheon, come lots of followers. Hundreds of Bald Eagles, Harbour Seals, Sea Lions, and an incredible amount of Gull species. Something that has to be seen to understand the true beauty. When driving in this part of the world, it is hard to decide what to keep your eyes on when driving these incredible scenic highways – the incredible landscape, on the lookout for wildlife, or the road!

Bald Eagle fishing along Nass Bay

Northwest British Columbia – The Nass Valley

Northern Pygmy-Owl

Next, was the highlight for me. A Northern Pygmy-Owl! Right along the road, this tiny softball size Owl was hunting in the pouring rain. Truly a remarkable little predator, that really added to the excitement of the day. As we continued on our journey along the mighty Nass River, the more Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles and Gulls we saw. I would highly recommended to anyone visiting the Northwest – to jump in your car and make that drive! Truly one of a kind, and place that not many people get to explore. Rain or shine – the Mountains, unique landscape, and potential of seeing some incredible wildlife make this drive well worth it!

Wrap Up

Be sure to check out some of our other Trip Reports, and Photo Stories! With spring on its way, we have lots of great content soon. Be sure to get outside, and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Harbour Seal