Owl Behaviour & Ethics with Beth Mendelsohn

Owls have fascinated birders and non-birders alike for generations. Perhaps it’s their large size or nocturnal habits. Maybe it’s that they can turn their heads nearly 360 degrees around, or that their specialized flight feathers allow them to fly without making a sound. To some, like Beth Mendelsohn, a Raptor Biologist with the Owl Research … Read more

Birds and Native Plants with Scott Keys

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Keys, a very talented avian photographer based out of Eastern Pennsylvania to discuss birds and native plants. You may recognize his Instagram handle “skeysimages” where he has a large following, for good reason. He integrates bird photography, native plants, fun photos competitions, and light-hearted humour into … Read more

Algonquin Provincial Park – (February 4th-6th, 2022)

Once again we bundled up, packed our gear, and made our way north to explore one of Ontario’s most popular parks – Algonquin Provincial Park. A truly remarkable part of our province, that is home to many species of birds and wildlife that attract visitors from all over the world. This Provincial Park is particularly … Read more

How To Photograph Owls Ethically

Owls. One of the most sought-after subjects for Wildlife Photographers across the world. Their large front-facing eyes, sharp talons, and elusive behaviour make them so intriguing to both find, and photograph. No matter how many times you find an Owl, that feeling of excitement never goes away. They are truly remarkable animals. Due to their … Read more